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Global Marketing Associates is now offering merchants, both local and national, the opportunity to be listed in their respective local area mall or in the "National Mall". Each mall is made up of two sections, the "National Mall" which is made up of Nationally recognized stores such as the Gap, LL Bean, Nordstrom Rack, Toys R Us, etc. and services such as travel, e-loans, and car buying. The local merchants area will be made up of local merchants and services. 

 For those local merchants and service providers that would like to be listed in the local mall there will be a one-time setup fee of $100 and an annual membership fee of $150. Member merchants will also receive $50 for each referral that places a listing in the mall. Each local merchant will be given a one page storefront web site with a photo, logo if available and a text description of their business including contact information and address. For those merchants that have a web site we will also provide links to the web site. Each merchant will be listed by category on a first come first listed basis.

National Merchants and services can lease space in the "National Mall" for a one-time setup fee of $150 and an annual membership fee of $1200. With 50+ regional malls that is a cost of only $24 per mall per year.

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